Gaspar Álvarez is a Chilean visual artist based in the southern island of Chiloé, Chile. His practice comes from drawing and painting, currently developing on porcelain. His work is an approach to representation, to the influence of material in it, and to the blurring of high-symbolic images, integrating the technique on its making, breaking the models and opening them up. In the same way, its work on ceramic and porcelain has enabled him explore the ways of “break” the image, leading to his local investigation on kintsugi; in this technique, Álvarez finds a way to show that fracture, which crosses the representation and the material, soaking the work with time, turning it into a reservoir of light.

His work has been shown in various opportunities in Chile and aboard, in solo and collective shows since 2010. The projects included in this website correspond each to a body of work exhibited in a show.

He was part of Taller León, a self-managed work space in Santiago, Chile, which has developed two site-specific exhibitions in that same city (“Este puede ser el lugar“, 2018; “Cómo se avanza en un sitio peligroso“, 2019), taking over patrimonial buildings with the works of prominent artists. He also was part of Espacio Rombo, a platform for the promotion of lecture.

Currently is working on pieces that reflect on violent episodes that has been part of recent history in Chile, developing installations and paintings on porcelain that wonder about the use of images and of repression tools.